Free Design

Free Closet Design Service

If one of the existing closet designs found in our Typical Layouts doesn’t fit your particular needs exactly, we will work on a free closet design that is right for you.  Make a sketch, showing all finished interior dimensions, doors, etc., take a photo or scan with smart phone and upload it to us in the contact section, or email us. If you happen to have architect’s plans, just forward the closet area to us. The more we have from you, the better the design will be.  If we don’t have sufficient information, we’ll contact you and in just a few days we’ll present you with some alternate closet designs that might work for you.  There’s no charge at all for our closet experts to design a closet for you, why not take advantage of this unique service that we offer.

The Closet Carousel - Before & After Example

This "Before and After" diagram demonstrates how The Closet Carousel organizer maximizes the space in your closet. Notice the "Before" closet--with all that empty aisle space. Not only is this space empty, but it's expensive. With the high cost per square foot to build today, you just cannot afford not to make this space work for you. Now notice the exact same closet with the space-expanding Closet Carousel organization system. It nearly doubled the closet capacity plus created room for built-in shelf and drawer space. Before you build a new home, or remodel the one your in, STOP. Let our experienced professionals create your very own custom design closet FOR FREE.