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There are ten standard models, all bi-directional, that operate on standard 110 volt household current. The only difference is the physical size of the unit (the amount of clothes the unit can handle). Each section of the closet organizer can carry up to 50 pounds of clothes, so the range which these models offer is between 250 pounds and 700 pounds of clothes. As you can see, the aluminum structure is of the highest quality which makes it capable of organizing incredible amounts of clothing.

Total No. Of Sections

Model Number
Overall Dim.

Total Section
Garment Rods
Linear Hanging Capacity
Weight1 Capacity
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TK 5 4'6"x6' 5 8 17' 6" 135lbs 250lbs $3450 Details
TK 6 4'6"x7' 6 10 21' 144lbs 300lbs $3450 Details
TK 7 4'6"x8' 7 12 24'6" 147lbs 350lbs $3650 Details
TK 8 4'6"x9' 8 14 28' 149lbs 400lbs $3850 Details
TK 9 4'6"x10' 9 15 31'6" 152lbs 450lbs $4050 Details
TK 10 4'6"x11' 10 17 35' 183lbs 500lbs $4275 Details
TK 11 4'6"x12' 11 19 38'6" 195lbs 550lbs $4500 Details
TK 12 4'6"x13' 12 20 42' 209lbs 600lbs $4725 Details
TK 13 4'6"x14' 13 22 45'6" 212lbs 650lbs $4950 Details
TK 14 4'6"x15' 14 24 49' 220lbs 700lbs $5175 Details


Overall height of a standard unit is 7'7". Height can be cut down to any desired height for no additional charge.

All weights are displayed in pounds (LBS).
All prices are in U.S. Dollars (USA)

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The Closet
Organizes Clothes
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Saves Time
Clothes Come to You
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Reduces Wrinkles
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